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April 21, 2021

Charlotte Car Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you have a chance to claim compensation for your losses. Talk to a Charlotte car accident attorney to learn more about the injury claim process and how to get started.

Although all drivers must prove they can drive safely to get a valid license, but years pass and drivers get careless. Whether multitasking, speeding, or otherwise paying attention to anything but the road, these drivers cause accidents often. Now you’re the one suffering. 

If you’ve been hurt in a serious car accident, talk to the lawyers at The Nye Law Group. Your Charlotte car accident lawyer can help you get compensation for your losses and hold the liable party accountable. 

Who’s Liable for Your Charlotte Car Accident?

If you’ve been hurt in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, one of your first questions may be, “Who is liable for the suffering I’ve experienced?” Sadly, the answer isn’t always as easy as “the other driver.” There are many factors that go into a car accident. Multiple drivers could have been involved; the at-fault party might have been driving for work; or, you may have even been in a single-car crash. 

If the liable party isn’t clear, your Charlotte car accident attorney can help. They can review your evidence and determine what caused your accident. That’s essential to identify the liable party, especially when you’re dealing with factors that make your claim more complex. 

Can North Carolina Rideshare Drivers Be Liable? 

If you were hit by a rideshare driver—whether as a driver or a pedestrian—or if you were injured as a passenger in Charlotte rideshare, you may be unsure who’s financially liable for your injuries. Most people who drive for work are the responsibility of their employers. However, that may not be the case for rideshare drivers. 

Although you have the option to sue the rideshare company, your best option will likely be to work with your car accident lawyer to obtain a settlement through the company’s insurer. These commercial insurance policies pay out up to $1 million. Of course, to protect profits, these insurance providers will try to minimize your settlement amount by any means necessary. 

No matter which route you take, your Charlotte car accident attorney can help you seek the maximum settlement for your claim. 

Responsibility for Charlotte Single-Car Accidents

When you’re injured in a single-car accident in Charlotte, you’re not automatically at fault for the accident. Many factors come into play, and not all of them are the result of driver error or negligence. 

For example, you may have lost control of your car because of a part failure. Defective tires or brakes, for example, can make for a deadly accident. A thorough investigation can uncover issues with your car and determine liability.

Maybe you lost control of your car and wrecked because of a pothole or other road hazard. Agencies like the North Carolina Department of Transportation are responsible for ensuring the roads are safe. If vital road repairs aren’t handled in a timely manner, these departments can be held liable for your wreck and resulting losses.

No matter the cause of your car, motorcycle, or truck accident, you can rest assured that your Charlotte motor vehicle wreck attorney will work diligently to determine the cause and pinpoint the responsible party.

First Steps to Take After a Charlotte Car Accident 

In the aftermath of a Charlotte car accident, you may be injured, scared, and unsure where to start on your car accident claim. So, what do you do right after a car crash? 

First, make sure all parties are OK. If there are injuries or extensive damage, call the police to report the accident. 

Second, visit your doctor or a hospital, even if you don’t feel hurt. Not all injuries are apparent right away, and a medical report can later be used as evidence in your injury claim.

Finally, assess the damage. If you’ve received hospital bills or car repair invoices, these can be included in your claim for reimbursement. 

Should I Take My Claim to Court in Charlotte?

Many car, truck, and even bike accident victims in Charlotte are hesitant to file a civil lawsuit. If you don’t have legal experience, you might be unsure how much it costs or how much time and effort will go into it. Although you may be able to settle faster by working with the insurance company, you may not get the settlement amount that truly reflects the scope of your injuries and damages.

Insurance companies—even your own—prioritize their profits, not your care. Although you may pay for this coverage, that doesn’t always mean it pays off in the end. You may receive a lowball settlement, or worse, you may receive a claim denial.

In these cases, you may have a better chance of getting compensated by taking your claim to court. Your lawyer knows how difficult it can be to fight the insurance company, and they have experience with this process. You’re in good hands.

Protecting Your Charlotte Car Accident Claim in the Courtroom

Once you decide to file a lawsuit, you’ll need to do more than prove you were injured in the car accident. You’ll also need to prove that you weren’t responsible for the Charlotte accident. If you accept blame for even a small part of the accident, your compensation will likely be reduced. 

For example, let’s say you admit or fail to defend your claim when the liable party claims you were texting and driving just before a bus hit your car. North Carolina residents may be shocked to find that admitting even a little bit of fault can have dire consequences.

If you’re found partially at fault for the accident, you could lose your compensation completely, and your claim could be dismissed. Your lawyer is experienced with fault and understands the need to build a strong defense to protect your funds for recovery.

Compensation for Serious Car Accident Injuries in Charlotte, NC

Before you head to court, you need to know what compensation you’re due for your Charlotte injury claim. If you’re not sure how much your claim is worth, you may accept a lower settlement than you deserve.

You need to calculate both economic and non-economic losses after the accident. Economic losses typically come with a bill. Non-economic damages are those that affect your lifestyle, and they’re more difficult to assess. A lawyer can help here, too.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, your claim may include compensation for any or all the following damages: 

  • Medical bills
  • Property damage
  • Lost income
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering 

Connect with a Charlotte Car Crash Lawyer

When you’re hurt in a car accident, you’re dealing with many factors that could affect your health, your finances, and lifestyle for years to come. It’s easy to get overwhelmed or confused. You want this behind you. Unfortunately, your eagerness for resolution can lead to inadvertent mistakes that could cost you.

Don’t risk your future. At The Nye Law Group, we understand how tough a car accident lawsuit can be, which is why we offer services like free consultations. That way, we can talk about your claim and what we can offer you during one of the most difficult and stressful times in your life. 

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